Our organically enriched soils offer you a way to enrich your yard and garden in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way, avoiding chemical fertilizers which leech into the groundwater and herbicides which could pose a threat to your health and the health of your garden and lawn. Use of these chemicals destroys the ability of your soil to naturally regenerate its own nutrient base, effectively making the soil dependent on artificial inputs. The moment you stop adding chemical fertilizers and herbicides, your plants and lawn start dying. Organic soils are naturally nutrient rich, and give your soil back its ability to regenerate. "Top Dressing" your lawn or providing a rich organic base for your garden will give your soil back its vitality. While these options appear more expensive than chemical substitutes, the initial expense pays for itself in a few short years by giving your soil the capability of sustaining itself. A great number of studies have shown that herbicides have a negative effect on our health. They have been shown to increase the risk of some cancers, birth defects, and hormonal disorders. Any of these risks is good reason to avoid herbicides, but to do so you must have a lawn healthy enough to out-compete invading weeds. Organic lawn care engenders this vitality and makes herbicides unnecessary. Chemical fertilizers may seem to be harmless additives to the lawn care arsenal, but collectively they are wreaking havoc on drinking water supplies across the country. In addition, they have devastating effects on our lakes, rivers, and streams - threatening some of our most prized recreational and wild places.

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