Green Earth compost products are blended and regularly tested to meet the highest standards for nutrient and mineral balance. Our compost meets and exceeds the requirements of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources as an earth friendly landscaping product. We take great pride in producing the best available compost and enhanced topsoil for every application.

Garden Compost

A perfect blend of leaves, grass clippings, cattle manure and food waste. Green Earth Garden Compost is beautifully balanced and has no restrictions on use.

A mix 1/2 garden compost and 1/2 topsoil. Ideal for new raised beds and lawns. This compost is virtually weed free. However, the topsoil, like all topsoils, does contain weed seeds.

Engineered Soil Blends

(Rain Garden Soil)

This is a soil blend engineered for rain garden applications or bioretention cells. Can also custom blend to engineer specs.

80% Coarse Sand
20% Garden Compost

Heavy Soil (H-Soil)
This is a soil consisting of the following percentages: 1/3 compost, 1/3 topsoil and 1/3 clay.